We provide a range of safes and related products to protect your valuables. Whether you need a small simple safe for home use or a large safe with extra armor and pepper spray safeguard that will deter even the most determined criminal, we can help you.


Our most popular product is by far our line of rental safes which provide an alternative to buying and maintaining a safe yourself. By renting one of our safes you have the ease of mind that your safe will be maintained (even replaced in case of damage) with no additional cost.


An additional benefit to renting is the option to include our pepper spray safeguard system and additional armor. We have specifically designed an alarm system that monitors the safe, it will pump pepper gas into the area around the safe to prevent any attempt at unauthorized access or damage to the safe. And finally, for those that need the utmost protection we can also include extra armor for the safe, essentially a safe in a safe.